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Size/s:1KG 5KG
Coverage:1-2.5MTR PER LTR
Data Sheet:https://thewaterproofingwarehouse.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Fillcoat-Fibres-tds.gif


If you have have problems with cracks and fissures in your roof, or if puddles form around a leak, use FILLCOAT FIBRES, another outstanding product in the complete line of Mathys products.

With FILLCOAT FIBRES you can seal any leak in an easy yet highly effective manner. At a temperature of 20°C FILLCOAT FIBRES has an elasticity of 1300%. At minus10°C the elasticity is still very good. It’s the presence of the fibres, along with the other special qualities of this unique product, which enables you to bridge over and thus effectively repair cracks and fissures several millimeters in width.

Specific Characteristics
Instant waterproofing, up to 1300% elasticity, high resistance against weather conditions and mineral acids (not resistant against solvents), contains no bituminouos ingredients, outstanding adhesion to countless different types of surface

Simple, even in humid conditions. Roller/brush/squeegee/spatula/trowel: apply undiluted. Always smooth out in the same direction, preferably perpendicular to the cracks and fissures

Additional Information
Finish: satin
Colours: dark grey
Precautions:Fillcoat Fibres is flammable
Coverage: 1 to 2.5 litres per square meter
Packaging: 1 and 5 litres
Maintenance: clean tools with thinners
Attention: never use on polystyrene insulation, flexible PVC, or on new concrete. Also consult our technical data sheet.

Possible Finishing
After a drying time (20°C) of a minimum of 7 days, Fillcoat Fibres can be painted over in another colour of Pegarust or Noxyde