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Noxyde Metal Roof Coating

Size/s:5KG 20KG
Coverage:2-2.5M2 PER LTR
Data Sheet:https://thewaterproofingwarehouse.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/NOXYDE-tds.gif
Recommended Uses:


With over 30 years of proven technology, Noxyde, a single-component, elastomeric acrylic coating system provides unrivaled corrosion, rust-proofing and waterproofing protection. Noxyde polymerizes to form a high-build, anti-corrosive coating , with 200 percent elasticity, that has high resistance to water, salt spray and aggressive atmospheres. The thixotropic nature helps ensure full coverage of seams, joints, and edges. The versatility of Noxyde allows application to a variety of surfaces, with minimal surface preparation. Noxyde coverage is 1.2 sqm per kilogram.


Noxyde has an excellent elasticity (>200%) for protection against cracking and peeling on metal surfaces to expansion, contraction, movement and mechanical impact. Ideal for cables, bolts and nuts, cladding, etc.


Even when the membrane is cut, its incredible adhesion will prevent any type of undercutting by corrosion and therefore corrosion is not able to spread.


Noxyde is impermeable for water. This strength and its excellent elasticity make Noxyde the best solution for the protection and waterproofing of cladding and metal roofs.

Excellent edge coverage

Corrosion usually begins on outside edges where there is minimal film build. Testing proofs a 100% edge coverage at a round corner and still a 41% coverage at a 90 degree corner.